NDIS Respite Care / Short Term & Medium Term Accommodation in Victoria, Melbourne, QLD, TAS

NDIS Respite Care Accommodation in Victoria allows NDIS participants to live away from their homes through short-term and medium-term housing which gives their caregivers a brief interval in their responsibilities. This helps both the participant and the caregiver to rejuvenate and recharge their mental and physical well-being. NDIS Respite Care provides opportunities for the participants to meet new people and develop their skills while their caregivers can avoid excessive exhaustion.

Aussie Life Care can help you access a wide variety of housing options in the geographical location of your choice based on your NDIS goals and funding. Through Respite Accommodation we can offer you:

  • Premium personal care
  • High-quality accommodation
  • Nutritious meals that suit your diet
  • Recreational and capacity-building activities

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Like any other NDIS support, Respite support should meet the NDIS funding criteria of being a ‘reasonable and necessary’ support that is related to your disability and which helps you pursue your NDIS goals. Aussie Life Care will continuously monitor your stay at the respite housing to ensure that you do not face any inconvenience. Contact us today to discuss whether Respite Accommodation is what you and your caregiver need right now or not.

Considering the NDIS respite accommodation in Melbourne or NDIS respite accommodation in Victoria can be a good option as it not only provides a break to the caregivers but also ensures that the individual with a disability is well taken care of. If you are looking for respite care in Melbourne, Aussie Life Care is here to help. With our experience and dedication, we can provide the support that you and your caregiver need to manage the challenges of daily life. 




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