Best Practices for Person-Centred Care in NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is one of the most important government-funded initiatives in Australia that aims to provide support and services to people with disabilities. The NDIS operates on the principle of person-centred care, which means that it focuses on tailoring support and services to meet the unique needs and goals of each participant. It empowers individuals with disabilities to take control of their lives and shape their future. Every person with a disability is unique, and their needs, goals, and aspirations are specific to them. That’s why person-centred care is important in achieving better outcomes for people with disabilities.

Person-centred care begins with building strong, collaborative relationships. It’s essential for both participants and service providers to develop trust and open communication. Participants should feel comfortable expressing their needs, preferences, and goals. Providers, in turn, should actively listen, respect choices, and engage in shared decision-making. It is also important to adopt a strength-based approach that focuses on recognising and developing the participant’s existing skills, talents, and abilities. Service providers should work collaboratively with participants to identify and cultivate these strengths. Informed choice is a fundamental aspect of person-centred care. It means providing participants with accurate and relevant information to make decisions about their care and support. Service providers should offer clear, easy-to-understand information, as well as opportunities for participants to ask questions and seek clarification. Informed choice empowers participants to make decisions that align with their values and preferences. This way participants will have more ‘choice and control’ over the support and services that they receive.

Aussie Life Care adopts the best practices for person-centred care in all the supports and services that we provide. Through these practices, we honour the NDIS principle that
every individual, regardless of their abilities, deserves respect, dignity, and the opportunity to live a fulfilling life of their choosing. Contact us today to know more about how we can help
you as a registered NDIS service provider.

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