Supporting Caregivers: Accessing NDIS Funding for Respite Care

Spending time away from the comfort of the usual care environment and the convenience of the informal support network helps the participants to assess their progress in terms of being independent. But more importantly, this will allow their caretakers to take a short break from their routine care responsibilities and take time to rest and revive their energy. Short-Term Accommodation including respite is the NDIS support that makes this possible by covering the cost of up to 14 days of care for the participant in a different location.
NDIS Short Term Accommodation can usually be accessed using the participant’s Core budget but unless there is proof that their disability necessitates individual support, funding is often for a group rate. That means, most probably, participants have to share their support with others. The assistance required to fulfil the personal care needs of the participants, their accommodation, meals and support for community participation or capacity-building activities will be covered under Short Term Accommodation. Depending on individual NDIS plans, goals and personal circumstances of the participants, the NDIS may also fund Medium Term Accommodation in some cases. This is an NDIS support that benefits both the participants and their carers.

Aussie Life Care can help you build your independence and at the same time support your usual caregivers by providing them respite from their normal routine. This change in environment will help you make more progress with your NDIS goals. As a registered NDIS service provider, we can help you connect with premium respite accommodation where you can access quality care that will help you maintain your functional capacity even away from home. Our services are available to you in the cities of Victoria, Melbourne, Queensland and Tasmania. Contact us today to know more about NDIS Respite Care.

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