All you need to know about NDIS Short-Term Accommodation and Respite Support.

Everyone deserves a break once in a while to relax and recharge then why not you?

To fulfil this need of NDIS participants, NDIS has designed Short Term Accommodation (STA) to give a temporary respite for participants from their usual routine. STA can be beneficial for both the participant and their carers, whether that be a family member, friend or a paid supporting worker. There could be days when they will need a break, or when they are not available due to some emergency, or it could be you that need a change in scenery. STA can be provided in your home with extra support when the family is not available to assist you or in particular respite houses run by the service providers.

What services are included in STA Support?

 24/7 Support
 Meals
 Personal Care and grooming
 Prior agreed activities with your service provider.

Is STA included in every NDIS Participant’s plan?

Funding will be available for a maximum of  28 days if the NDIS Commission thinks that this support is reasonable and necessary to fulfil your disability-related needs.
 If it will help you pursue your NDIS goals
 If it contributes to your functional capacity and independence
 Helps you with community engagement
 If it helps you explore more opportunities and experiences (For eg: If you are someone who hasn’t tried staying away from family and home, then take this as a chance to understand
yourself better.)

Though it is part of the home and living support of NDIS, don’t mistake STA for a long-term living arrangement such as SIL or SDA.

Things you should ask the STA Provider?

 Ensure that they are equipped to provide STA Support safely.
 Enquire about the location and facilities
 Talk about what activities you can take part in during your stay.
 Each participant has unique needs, so make sure that your disability-related needs and
requirements will be met. Aussie Life Care has several safe and accessible respite houses located in desirable places, where we ensure that you will get to experience wonderful moments of comfort and happiness. We also have well-trained and experienced staff to cater to your daily needs during your stay with us. Get in touch with the Aussie Life Care team to know more.

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