Ensuring Choice and Control: NDIS Disability Support Service in Victoria

Disability support services that ensure accessibility and independence for people with disabilities are integral to building an inclusive society. The National Disability Insurance
Scheme (NDIS) is one such disability support system funded by the federal government of Australia to improve the lives of differently-abled individuals. The participants receive direct
funding from the NDIS to purchase supports and services that enhance their functional capacity and ability to live independently.

Ensuring choice and control for people with disabilities over the support and services that they receive is the fundamental principle of the NDIS. Unlike the older models of disability support systems where the recipients had no say over the services that they receive, the NDIS disability framework promotes and upholds the autonomy of the participants in choosing the type of support they need, who will deliver their support and how those supports will be delivered. While Core Supports in a participant’s NDIS plan like Assistance with Daily Living and Community Participation help them manage their everyday activities, Capacity Building Supports like Support Coordination, Supported Independent Living, Specialist Disability Accommodation and Respite Accommodation assist them in achieving greater independence in life. Eligible participants can access Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy in their NDIS plan to increase their functional capacity as well. Through a variety of supports and services like this, the NDIS disability support focuses on creating all-around positive outcomes in the lives of people with disabilities.

Registered NDIS service providers like Aussie Life Care has the responsibility to make sure that the choice and control of the NDIS participants are not compromised at any time during their NDIS journey. Our employees are competent and well-trained in disability care. We never make any decisions on behalf of our NDIS participants to safeguard their choice and control. Contact us today to know more about the NDIS supports and services that we provide.

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