Essential Responsibilities of a Support Coordinator

Support Coordination is a capacity-building support that can play a significant role in ensuring quality support and services to eligible NDIS participants. This NDIS-funded support helps the participants to make the most out of their NDIS plan by helping them understand the NDIS as well as connecting them with providers. The Support Coordinator is the professional who delivers support coordination services and works closely with the participants as well as assists them in achieving their goals.

Your Support Coordinator is accountable for planning and coordinating your supports by finding providers and services that are most effective in helping you reach your goals. They will assist you in implementing your NDIS plan by liaising with the providers on your behalf and setting up service agreements and service bookings with your consent and approval. They ensure continuity of essential supports by monitoring how the current supports are working out for you and if needed, finding new providers to make sure that you keep receiving the assistance you require.

Support Coordinators build your confidence and capability to implement your NDIS plan on your own. They will enable you to better exercise your choice and control. They will also equip you with the skills necessary for navigating crisis situations and unexpected changes in your life. Support Coordinators are also required to provide plan implementation and plan reassessment reports to the NDIA showing how they have assisted you in using your NDIS plan and achieving your goals.

Aussie Life Care is committed to empowering our participants through effective support and efficient service. We always strive to ensure the best possible outcomes for our participants. We can help you connect with experienced Support Coordinators who will diligently guide you through your NDIS journey. Contact us today to know more about our NDIS support and services.

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