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Community Participation in Melbourne, TAS, QLD, VIC :

Social interactions are always a give-and-take, a negotiation. There are always like- minded people in society with whom we can connect to find our own space in society. Through sharing our experiences, we grow together as individuals and as a community. Since community participation is a subjective experience, no one model fits all and you can choose what you want to do. If you are someone who finds joy in participating in a socially contributing project, NDIS Community participation could help you achieve that satisfaction. Even if you are someone who likes to keep to yourself mostly there are various ways you could benefit from the NDIS community participation support.

Engaging with society could be as simple as going shopping, volunteering to donate blood, offering your services in an animal shelter, going to the local library, engaging with the local self-help groups and participating in maintaining the community garden. You can contact your local NDIS service provider to understand what all
activities are part of their support.

At Aussie Life Care, our diverse list of activities is chosen based on the goals and the physical and mental well-being of the participants. We also ensure the consistency and continuity of community engagements to help our participants get the maximum benefits. Sometimes the same activity you enjoyed could prove to be overwhelming and straining over time but you can always take a step back and focus on another event to refresh your mind.

Consistent community interactions bring forth positive outcomes such as a decrease in the stress and loneliness experienced by individuals, improved self-esteem and better social networking. It is effective in building your skills and could also help you find income-generating activities. Interacting with the people outside your home, and being socially active will provide you with opportunities to utilize the resources in your local community and will help you become aware of your rights.

Aussie Life Care is registered to provide NDIS Community Participation services across the regions of Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania. Call us today to access our services.

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