Fostering Empowerment through Supported Independent Living in Victoria

Encouraging Community Activities: Fostering Empowerment through Supported Independent Living

A person’s home and living environment significantly influences the quality of life that they experience. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has several home and living support options in place for individuals with disabilities to explore independent living. It enables them to exercise choice and control over their living arrangements, including the place and the people they live with. Supported Independent Living is an NDIS- funded support which helps the participants to live more independently in their own homes or in shared living arrangements.

Through their SIL funding, participants can access ongoing assistance with their daily living activities, meal preparation, personal care, medication management, household chores and much more. NDIS SIL support is paid personal assistance but the goal is to build the capacity of the participants so that they can accomplish tasks with reduced assistance in the
future. Encouraging SIL participants to take part in community activities and engaging them with interesting hobbies are also important to boost their confidence and build their social skills. It will help the SIL participants to connect with other people who share similar interests with them and thereby maintain their connection to the community. SIL service providers must provide opportunities for their participants to explore community activities which best align with their NDIS goals.

Aussie Life Care is a registered NDIS Supported Independent Living service provider. Our trained support workers can provide assistance that will help the participants to maintain a safe, comfortable and independent living environment. SIL support is primarily designed for participants with higher support needs. But through proper support and assistance, we will ensure that even participants with higher support needs are able to take part in community activities along with achieving their home and living support goals. Contact us today to know more about Supported Independent Living.

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