How Community Nursing Care Supports People with Disability to Live Independently

Independent living for people with disabilities is possible through the right balance and collaboration between various NDIS support and services. Community Nursing Care is
an essential support that helps the participants manage health conditions that are directly related to their disability. Since many disability-related health supports can only be delivered
by a trained practitioner, the role of registered nurses and their services become vital for the NDIS participants to live independently. For instance, only a nurse can carry out the task of
replacing a urinary catheter or train a support worker in giving meals to the participants through feeding tubes. Hence, a participant with disability-related health conditions and
striving to live independently will benefit highly from Community Nursing Care.

NDIS Community Nursing Care will assist eligible participants to significantly improve their functional capacity and increase the quality of their lives. Participants can access disability-related health support in the comfort of their homes through this NDIS service. Additionally, nurses offer recommendations for managing medications, eating right, and exercising. All these services work towards maintaining the physical and mental health of the participants and enable them to live independently. Though the Community Nursing Care service provided by NDIS is not a replacement for the mainstream health supports, it helps eligible participants to address their complex healthcare needs and achieve their full potential.

Aussie Life Care believes that the best outcomes are possible when the right professionals are delivering the services. We can provide you with the nursing care services of qualified experts who will supervise and delegate disability-related health support tasks. We can also help you develop care plans that best suit your disability needs and NDIS goals. Contact us today to know more about the NDIS and our various support and services.

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