How to Advocate for Disability Rights and Accessible Services

Travelling offers the chance to discover new places, experience new things and participate in new activities. People with disabilities can benefit a lot from travelling as it will increase their confidence, lift their spirits and enhance their mental health. But travelling with a disability can be challenging because of many reasons including ableist design of infrastructure, inaccessible systems, health issues and dealing with complicated paperwork. But with the right assistance and necessary preparations, travelling can be quite convenient and comfortable for people with disabilities.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for support and services that are directly related to a participant’s disability. That means you cannot use your NDIS funding for personal expenses such as travel, accommodation or food. But if you need assistance to travel from one place to another, depending on your NDIS plan, you can utilise
your Core Supports funding to access the services of a support worker. The support worker can make things more accessible, help you manage your medication and resolve any issues related to your disability needs. Before planning to travel, you can discuss your needs and figure out the costs that may be incurred. The NDIS will only cover the cost of the support worker’s time. So, if you are planning to travel, you may have to think about the other expenses such as food, accommodation and travel of your support worker.

Aussie Life Care can help you connect with experienced and trained support workers who can assist in your travels. Also, we can help you navigate the complicated NDIS rules
and assist you in finding out what can and cannot be funded through the NDIS while travelling with a disability. Contact us today to find out more about the NDIS support and services provided by Aussie Life Care.

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