How to Prepare for Your NDIS Planning Meeting

The planning meeting is an important step in creating or updating an NDIS plan. People with disabilities who are new to the NDIS will have to attend the planning meeting to
talk about their current supports, the essential supports that they need and their future goals. This will help the NDIA planners to gather enough information to create an NDIS plan that
suits the individual disability needs of each prospective participant. The prospective participants must give relevant information regarding the impact of their disability on their
functional capacity and day-to-day life to ensure that they can access the right kind of support.

Participants can be present at the planning meeting in person or over the phone. They are allowed to bring any representatives of their choice like a friend or a family member to the planning meeting for assistance. Participants must make sure that they have brought all the relevant documents needed for the planning meeting such as their completed ‘Booklet 2 -Creating your NDIS plan’, any important letters or correspondence received from the NDIA and their my Gov login including password details. Those participants who are planning to self-manage their NDIS funds must provide their bank account details. It is advised that the participants should bring any documents related to their disability assessments from health professionals to provide as evidence. It will help show the impact of their disability on their daily lives. The planning meeting is an opportunity for the participants to ask questions and clarify any uncertainties that they have regarding their NDIS support. So, feel free to express your goals and aspirations as well as the assistance that you expect to achieve those goals.

Aussie Life Care can help the prospective participants to prepare for their planning meeting by educating them about the NDIS planning process and helping them to recognise
their support needs. Contact us today to access NDIS Disability services in and around Victoria, Tasmania, Melbourne and Queensland.

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