NDIS and Disability Advocacy: A Guide to Getting the Support You Need

Disability advocacy is essential to protecting and promoting the rights and interests of people with disabilities. It is the practice of acting, speaking, or writing to defend the rights of people with disabilities, particularly their right to use support systems and services like the NDIS. Disability advocates must be independent to avoid any conflict of interest. That means the individual providing advocacy must not be affiliated with the organisations providing support and services to the person with a disability or benefit in any way from the results of the advocacy.

Independent advocacy support is especially important in the case of those individuals who are not in a position to speak up for their rights or those who lack access to informal advocates like family and friends. Independent disability advocates strive to enable people with disabilities to make informed decisions, get access to resources and assistance, and engage fully in society. Disability advocacy encourages systemic changes by holding service providers accountable in order to build a more inclusive society. Independent disability advocates can help people with disabilities resolve issues regarding their pensions, support services, housing, unresolved complaints and more. Participants can find disability advocates using the Disability Advocacy Finder.

Aussie Life Care understands the importance of independent disability advocacy and the crucial role that it plays in defending the rights of people with disabilities and ensuring that their voices are heard in decision-making processes. As a registered NDIS service provider, we always strive to protect the ‘choice and control’ of our participants. Therefore, we are committed to protecting the rights of our participants by fully cooperating with their disability advocates to resolve any issues that arise while delivering our support and services. Contact us today to know more about the NDIS and our support and services.

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