How NDIS Assistance with Daily Life Can Benefit You

Disability services in Melbourne enable individuals with disabilities to access new skills and develop their capabilities so that they can lead their lives on their own terms. The wide range of supports and services funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has helped millions of Australians with disabilities to have the same opportunities in life as other individuals. NDIS made it possible for them to have increased chances of gaining employment, having a place to live, developing hobbies and maintaining positive social and familial relationships.

What is Assistance with Daily Life?

Assistance with Daily Life
is one of the many NDIS-funded supports that helps the participants to lead a more independent life. The participants are provided assistance to carry out their daily personal activities and household chores. An NDIS-funded support worker will help the participants to prepare their meals, help them to get dressed, provide personal care, and help them to manage household tasks including yard maintenance. It is a support included in the Core Supports Budget of the participant’s NDIS plan.

Benefits of Assistance with Daily Life

• It allows the participants to focus on their bigger goals in life.
• It enables the participants to become more independent over time.
• It increases the confidence of the participants to pursue new ambitions.
• It creates a level playing field for people with disabilities so that they can perform better in their jobs and their life in general.
• It helps them to keep their life organised.

Aussie Life Care believes that people with disabilities can achieve any goals that they set for themselves if they have the right supports by their side. We are a registered NDIS service provider delivering NDIS Assistance with Daily Life support across Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and Melbourne. Contact us today to access the services of highly- trained NDIS support workers.

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