NDIS Community Participation: Staying Connected and Engaged in Your Community

Active community engagement is essential to promote inclusion and help foster a sense of belonging in people with disabilities. NDIS Community Participation is an NDIS- funded support which provides assistance to people with disabilities to take part in various community events and social activities. This support will help the participants to overcome various physical, attitudinal, systemic and communication barriers which hold them back from staying connected with their communities. Increased community participation not only promotes independence but also increases the motivation and confidence of the participants to pursue their goals.

NDIS Community Participation is funded under the Core Supports budget of the participants. They can use it to access the assistance of trained NDIS-support workers who
will accompany the participants to activities that they might enjoy. Community Participation can involve going to the movies, joining a class, attending a concert or simply visiting friends
and family more often. A participant’s Community Participation goals may change over time depending on certain lifestyle changes, availability of support, health issues or changes in
one’s interests. Therefore, it is important to revisit the activities that the participant may enjoy from time to time. Community Participation helps the participants to explore new skills, meet new people and cultivate meaningful relationships. It is possible to achieve swift progress in your NDIS goals if you engage in community participation activities that best align with your

Aussie Life Care can help NDIS participants to stay connected with their communities by providing assistance to attend various social and community activities of their choice. We
can provide you with trained and experienced support workers who will help you address all your disability support needs. They will ensure your comfort and convenience at all times. Do reach out to us today to know more about our support and services.

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