Being Independent, Being You: Importance of Supported Independent Living (SIL Providers In Victoria)

People with disabilities can lead independent lives with the help of the right kind of support. They can become highly valued employees, homeowners and active members of their community if the system is inclusive and accessible. The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has brought tremendous changes in this regard and has changed the lives of millions of differently-abled individuals. Being able to live on their own is an important milestone in the lives of many. The NDIS has made it possible for people with disabilities through various home and living support services.

NDIS SIL Support( NDIS SIL support in VIC, TAS, QLD) through which participants can access paid personal assistance for cooking meals, household chores and personal care needs. This is a support that helps them live independently either on their own or with other participants who also have SIL funding in their NDIS plan. This is a support that helps participants with higher support needs to move out from under their family’s care and live as independent adults. When it comes to SIL, the focus is also on building the skills of the participants in taking care of themselves and their living environment. The rent of your house, utility bills and other living expenses such as groceries and transportation costs are not
covered under SIL. Your registered NDIS service provider can walk you through what is funded under SIL and what is not.

Aussie Life Care can help you connect with your ideal living option where you can access all the required supports and services to live independently and build your confidence in yourselves. We have highly trained support workers who can take care of all your health care needs and ensure a smooth SIL experience. Contact us today to know more about the benefits of Supported Independent Living.

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