Need a suitable living option? Here’s how NDIS can help.

NDIS’ motto is to help individuals with disabilities live independently. On top of assistance, NDIS also provides various living options suitable to the participants’ situation to fulfil this aim. If your NDIS plan has listed the home as a goal to fulfil, NDIS will assist you in achieving that dream. If you are an NDIS participant whose current living situation is not enough to meet your disability- related needs, if you are restricted by your accommodation or if you are someone with special needs, contact your support coordinator to help you sort out your housing options.
The three main options available for participants are SIL , SDA and ILO Supports.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

NDIS provides SIL support for participants with higher support needs, who want to live independently while receiving proper support 24/7 a day. Though SIL won’t pay your rent, it will help
you with in-house support such as assistance with day-to-day tasks, personal care and household chores. SIL support is accessible if you are living on your own or sharing the accommodation with other participants.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

SDA is the housing solution provided by NDIS for participants with extreme disability-related needs. SDA homes are purpose-built to make the living environment safe and accessible to the participants and to improve their autonomy. SDA could be provided in a shared home with people who are not individuals with disabilities or in a single occupancy home. Unlike in SIL support. SDA provider will manage the damages and requirements related to the house and help you maintain it.

Individualised Living Options (ILO)

ILO support will help you explore the living situation that is best suited for you such as with a flatmate or a host family. As the name suggests, this support is designed around the individual needs of the participant and hence very flexible. Unlike SDA, ILO will not help you with the physical accommodation and it does not include high-level support and 24/7 assistance like SIL support.

Aussie Life Care has several SIL and SDA accommodations in Victoria, Melbourne, Queensland and Tasmania. Contact us to find the home that suits you in your desired location.

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