Planning Meeting and Employment Goals: What to Expect

The National Disability Insurance Scheme empowers people with disabilities to enhance their economic participation in society by providing support in planning and achieving their employment goals. Being employed broadens the social network of people with disabilities, improves their quality of life as well as increases their freedom and self-confidence. NDIS can assist the participants in a variety of ways as they work towards their employment goals. The planning meeting is one of the important aspects of a participant’s NDIS journey as it lays the foundation for an individual’s support plan. It is also an opportunity for the participants to discuss their ideas and aspirations regarding employment with their NDIS planner.

For the planning meeting, participants need to bring details about their other employment support plans. For example, in Australia, people with disabilities may have employment support from a Disability Employment Service provider (DES) or an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) and sometimes, volunteering and part-time job opportunities as well. To assist your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or NDIA Planner in gaining a better understanding of your potential for work, participants must bring any pertinent reports or assessments, such as school reports or employment evaluations. If the participant is registered with Centrelink for finding job opportunities, they need to provide their Centrelink Employment Services Assessment (ESAT) and other relevant information to the NDIS. Participants will be asked a lot of questions regarding their employment goals during the planning meeting. This will help in setting up an NDIS plan that best suits your needs and goals. Once the participants get their NDIS plan approved, they can access support from service providers to build their employment skills and search for jobs.

Aussie Life Care encourages all our participants to confidently pursue their employment goals. We can guide you through your planning meeting and help you find opportunities that best align with your goals. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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