Pursue Your Passion with NDIS Supported Independent Living

Disability is no longer a deterrent when it comes to pursuing one’s passion as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has strong support systems in place for assisting people with disabilities in Australia. No matter what kind of disability one may have, everyone deserves the chance to follow their dreams and live a happy life. Supported Independent Living is one such support funded by the NDIS which not only lets the NDIS participants lead an independent life but also helps them in building their skills, take up new hobbies and let them live their passion.

Essentially, Supported Independent Living is paid personal support accessible through SIL funding available in a participant’s NDIS plan. Through SIL funding, assistance from trained SIL support workers is available to the participants to manage their day-to-day living tasks such as meal preparation, personal care and other household chores. But SIL support
doesn’t need to be limited to personal support. With the right SIL service providers, participants can engage in fun activities and hobbies such as baking, candle making, yoga or simply enjoying a little dancing in their living room. Such activities can boost the morale of the participants and can help with their mental well-being and confidence.

At Aussie Life Care, we believe in making the SIL experience of our participants fun, enriching, effective and memorable. We are a registered NDIS SIL provider who helps NDIS participants to embrace their true potential in their chosen activities. We have a team of compassionate and trained NDIS support workers who are good at recognising and nurturing a participant’s capabilities. Come along with us on a fulfilling journey towards independent living where you can pursue your passion regardless of the disability you may have. Reach out to us today to know more about our Supported Independent Living services. Currently, we have SIL  Accommodation available in Victoria, Cranbourne, Lalor, Ballarat, Winter Valley, Alfredton,  Hampton and more.

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