Accessible Housing for People with Disabilities

Specialised housing that is designed to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities is important in building a truly inclusive society. People with higher support needs can lead an independent life with the help of smart design which ensures ease of access and smooth delivery of various supports and services.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is an NDIS-funded support that helps people with disabilities to live in such customised houses. The SDA funding is for the building itself and does not include the
disability-related supports and services that the NDIS participants may need. Also, the rent and personal living expenses are not included in the SDA funding.

Specialist Disability Accommodation is meant for people with severe functional impairment and higher support needs. Also, it is intended to work together with other funded supports and services of the participants. To be eligible for the SDA, the participant has to meet the ‘reasonable and necessary’ funding criteria under the NDIS Act. The NDIS may ask you to submit evidence to prove your higher support needs before making their decision.

Benefits of Specialist Disability Accommodation

• It will ensure the smooth delivery of your other disability supports and services.
• You will be able to live in locations which help you pursue your goals.
• You can improve your connection with your community, friends and family.
• Enables you to be more self-reliant and provides greater independence.
• It allows you to live with other participants who have similar support needs and
thereby gives you more chances to socialise.

Aussie Life Care strives to provide greater choice and control for all our participants. We are a registered NDIS service provider who can help you find Specialist Disability Accommodations which empower you to lead a life of dignity. Contact us today to know more about NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation.

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