The Role of NDIS Support Coordination in Accessing Mental Health Support

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is designed to offer a person- centred approach to disability care, allowing people with disabilities to access support and services tailored to meet their individual needs. Sometimes, NDIS Participants can find it challenging to navigate and coordinate the supports included in their NDIS plan due to a lack of knowledge about the NDIS system. In such instances, NDIS Support Coordination services can help them understand their plan and utilise the supports in the plan effectively.
Participants can also work with support coordinators who have the training, expertise and experience necessary to address specific goals such as mental health recovery.

Apart from providing the necessary guidance and assistance to access the NDIS psychosocial disability support, Support Coordinators also connect the participants with a broader system of supports including community, mainstream and government services. Support Coordination plays a crucial role in building the capacity of participants with psychosocial disabilities to implement their supports, communicate with the service providers and make informed decisions regarding their NDIS plan. Through support coordination, a participant becomes fully aware of the range of supports that can help them with their mental health recovery. Participants can get help from their support coordinators in discovering and working with mental health service providers. Support Coordinators always act in the best interest of the participants and prepare them to better exercise their choice and control over their NDIS plan.

At Aussie Life Care, we understand the importance of mental health recovery being a personal journey unique to each participant. Our experienced Support Coordinators can assist
you in your mental health recovery by helping you connect with capable psychosocial recovery coaches and ensuring that you have access to a mixture of beneficial supports. Contact us today to know more about the NDIS and Support Coordination services.

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