Your Care, Our Priority: Benefits of NDIS Community Nursing Care Service

People with disabilities can lead a life of their choice and become active members of society through disability support schemes like the NDIS. The support and services funded by
the NDIS are instrumental in providing the care and assistance that differently-abled individuals need to become more independent and achieve their goals. In many instances, people living with severe disabilities require the supervision of skilled professionals like registered nurses or trained support workers to manage disability-related health conditions.
Community Nursing Care is one such disability-related health support funded by the NDIS.

Participants can access NDIS Community Nursing Care services if their disability- related health support tasks can only be performed by a registered nurse or a properly trained support worker. Such tasks include providing dysphagia support, continence support, podiatry support, bowel care, managing seizures, and wound and pressure care support. Having access to expert care will reduce the impact of disability on a participant’s daily life and significantly improve their functional capacity. The NDIS will fund Community Nursing Care services if it meets the NDIS funding criteria and is found to be ‘reasonable and necessary’ for the participant. There are registered NDIS service providers who can help the participants to connect with experienced professionals providing nursing care services. A registered nurse can also help the participants to develop care plans and train the support
workers to manage certain disability-related health supports.

Aussie Life Care believes that it is important to provide expert care to participants to ensure the best disability care practice standards. The safety, comfort and well-being of the participants will be secure at the hands of the professionals employed by us. Through customised care plans we make sure that you are making consistent progress towards your NDIS goals. Contact us today and we will assist you in accessing Community Nursing Care services.

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