How does NDIS Determine the Level of SIL Support that the Participants Receive?

Supported Independent Living (SIL) allows NDIS participants to access assistance from support workers which helps them to live independently and work towards their goals.
The NDIS looks at a variety of information including goals, ambitions, independent living skills, current living situation and daily support needs of the participant before deciding on
the inclusion of SIL funding in the NDIS plan. In some instances, the NDIS even asks for assessments from qualified health professionals to understand the kind of support that the
participants need.

Once Supported Independent Living (SIL) is found to be the right choice for the participant, the NDIS will decide how much support to be incorporated into their NDIS plan.
Using information available on the participant’s roaster of care is one of the ways which help them make this decision. The roster of care is a document that lists the sorts of assistance you
can receive from your provider of supported independent living. The NDIS will also look at the hours of support, the ratio of support and the intensity of support that you need to manage
your disability. The fact whether you need overnight support or not is another decisive factor which determines your SIL funding. Participants may also need irregular support for certain unprecedented situations like getting sick. So, the participants who need high-intensity support in such instances will need assistance from support workers with additional training
which will also influence the NDIS decision regarding SIL funding.

Aussie Life Care is a registered NDIS SIL support service provider who can help you understand the nuances of accessing home and living options in your NDIS plan. If you have
SIL funding, we can provide you with qualified support workers who can attend to all your disability needs with care and compassion. Contact us today to know more about our SIL
provider in Victoria, QLD, TAS, and Melbourne.

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